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Flag Football

Summer Series 2017 – Round 2

Well Saturday was another glorious summer day for some flag football!

The first game of the day was against the Purple Princesses. Some very fast blitzes faced our offense, continually putting pressure on QB Kira. However, Kira’s calm head and canon skills got the ball to some great positions. The offense as well had the ability to find space, having easy yardage from Centres Mandy and Vi on several occasions. Ruth, Lois and Emma were able to catch an drive some fantastic catches down the field, and two touchdowns scored by Ruth and a touchdown by Centre Vi (her first touchdown!). As for the defense they stayed strong against some fast runs and some tricksy plays, and kept going for those pesky flags! The end result we won 19-14. A great start to the day, we were thoroughly looking forward to the next.

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Flag Football

Summer Series 2017 – Round 1

Saturday, 3rd June, saw the Valkyries travel to Northampton to participate in the flag football event, the Summer Series. Kindly organised by the Northants Titans. The day saw many teams come together to play for the title of Summer Series champions. It was perfect weather – sunny and glorious – and we couldn’t wait to start the day. With at least half the Valkyries having their first flag game experience the nerves were rising, but once we got going we REALLY got going!

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Health and Wellbeing

The Strong One

In full gear: Zoe John, fighter

Warning: Some aspects of this article may be very upsetting or triggering for those who have experienced, or know someone who has experienced, an eating disorder

For a long time Zoe John thought herself as too fat. She was teased, starved herself, and wanted to kill herself. Then the Welsh woman began to play American football against – against men.

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#throwback – Valkyries on ITV

We can’t believe a year has gone by since we were television super stars (well, kind of! Superstars). We remember the feeling well, it went a bit like this “OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH WE’RE GOING TO BE ON ITV AHHHHHH”. It honestly did feel a bit life changing though, and it certainly got us some attention from local women and other media stations. Of course there is still much more work to go to get our name out in the Cardiff area, and Wales overall! And we won’t stop until our job is done.

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Flag Football

Valkyrie earns Silver Lions call up

Recently we posted about how our very own Emma Underwood had made the provisional GB Women’s Flag Football squad, as they looked to prepare for their European Championship Campaign.

Her selection to the squad meant travelling to Northampton on the 29th April to take part in the GB camp that would ultimately decide the final 12 women strong squad. While this meant that Emma was not able to attend our taster day, it did mean that she was able to compete alongside, and against, the very best that this country has to offer, as well as learn from some of the country’s top flag coaches.

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Flag Football

Flag Taster Day & #weareGB – 2017

Last Saturday saw a very busy day for the Valkyries, which meant a lot of different things for a lot of different people. For everyone there was probably some nerves and excitement. For the women attending the flag taster day event, there was the matter of having a go at a new sport and meeting a large group of loud Valkyries (anyone who plays us will know of our volume levels!). For the existing Valkyries, it was wondering who would turn up, would they enjoy it and would they come back? We have yet to see for that final point, but what was clear was that everyone did indeed enjoy themselves and had a good laugh.

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Taster Day – Find out more!

So the time is nearly upon us where the Valkyries welcome some new rookies to join the team and try out flag football. Ay taster day is an incredibly exciting day for the team, hoping to expand and hoping to introduce a fun new sport to the women who attend. Now understandably, not a lot of people know of flag football, and even more understandably, some of you might be nervous! We know each of us sure were on our own venture to the first taster session or training session, and so we thought we would take this opportunity to write a blog about our feelings in the past, present, and future of the team, and also go through the idea of flag football in general. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know the rules, routes, or even have an idea of American Football. Just turn up and have a go!

What is Flag Football? I haven’t watched it before, and don’t know any of the positions or rules!

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Sapphire 2017

BAFA Sapphire Series 2017 – Round 4 MVPs

Sapphire Round 4 was the final round of the tournament and the Valkyries were drawn against two very tough teams to close out the season. First up was the divisional leaders, Teesside, followed by the hard hitting Sandwell.

Having played both of these teams in rounds one and two, the team knew to expect high intensity and physically demanding games – and they were not wrong.

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Coach's View

The Coach’s View – Part 5

So that is the end of Sapphire 2017. It went by so fast – too fast. Way too fast.

Looking back at the four rounds, they have to be some of my most enjoyable coaching moments. The amount of energy and enthusiasm on the sidelines is infectious. Everyone is completely into the game. Always looking  to the next play, how they can get better, how they can succeed. There is never a negative moment. They never have their heads down – it is always looking forward and that just makes them so much fun to coach.

There have been some great moments through the tournament…

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Team GB

Valkyrie makes preliminary GB women’s flag team!

Saturday 1st April saw almost a 100 women from all over the UK travel to Northampton to take part in the open trials for the GB women’s flag team, as they look to continue their preparations for the forthcoming European championships later this year. The trial was aimed at adding successful players to the existing GB squad ready for training camps over the summer, after which the final team will be announced.

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