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Aim, upgrade, improve.

Two Valkyries had another early start as they traveled to Warwick University to attend an ‘Upgrade Your Catching Technique’ course run by the Head coach of the GB Women’s flag team, Andrew Gambrill.

The day started with introductions and a classroom session, reminding us all of the fundamentals of the catch and how one might catch on different routes. On the field we were introduced to a couple of finger strengthening and dexterity exercises, that most people will no doubt have practiced over the Bank holiday already! It wasn’t long into the Quiet Fingers catching practice that the session was unfortunately rained off and attendees sought shelter & lunch. Back out onto the field and rain, once again interrupted the Clock drill. Thankfully, the good people of Warwick Uni found a sports hall to continue the session.


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All participants nailed the various drills including, over shoulder, wrong shoulder, overhead catches and easy ups under the watchful eye of Andrew, who provided great feedback. All participants had grown in confidence in their catching throughout the day that there were no qualms when it came to the dreaded one-handed catches! Each attendee caught the ball one-handed after sticking with the fundmentals they had been taught throughout the day. A final test of the ‘low ball’ competition (won by our Valkyrie – Ruth Lewis) which tested the longevity of your squat as well as your catching and reaction time and it was time to head back to Wales.

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“I had a really great day – well worth the 5am alarm! It’s great to go back to basics every now and then and focus on one element of the game. If you can nail the catch and make it second nature then you can concentrate on other things – like how you might dupe the defence! Andrew broke the day & the techniques down in such a way that there was something for everyone. One attendee commented that she hadn’t realised before that you catch with your fingers, not your palms; while it was clear that others’ catching success and confidence were through the roof by the end of the day. I’ve already been practicing my finger strengthening exercises and can’t wait to put them into practice on the field!”

Flag Football

Valkyrie makes GB Lions roster

As many of you know, the Great British Lions held their flag football trials on Saturday! 🏈 The event saw women from all over the UK attend to develop and try for a spot on the two GB teams, the GB Gold Lions and the GB Silver Lions.

It’s with our great pleasure to announce another Cardiff Valkyrie has made it onto the GB squad, receiver/corner Ruth Lewis! Ruth had this to say about the day and her selection:

“The day was fantastic. The level of talent on display was awe-inspiring. We were mid-game and I just had to stop so I could watch players take on the whole defense and score completely untouched. With skill like that on display I was so surprised to be selected. I can see that I have a lot to learn and I can’t wait to get started! The coaches were so helpful and in the short time I spent with them I already had so much to take away. I hope I can step up to the plate and encourage more women, especially in Wales, to step into the sport.”


Ruth is the second Valkyrie to be selected into a GB squad, the first being Emma Underwood last year. Unfortunately Emma was unable to trial this year, but she still attended the event:

“I really enjoyed being there and seeing all the new trialists and helping out with drills. It felt really odd being on the other side of it but circumstances involving an injury meant I could not trial. Although it was frustrating not being able to partake I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a lot of new talent this year. More and more talent are just appearing from nowhere and it’s fantastic to see.”

There is no doubt that things are progressing for both forms of football in the UK! Cardiff Valkyries’ head coach, Simon Browning, was invited to assist on the trials, and as he reviews the day it’s clear just how high the sport and standard is growing:

“The standard was very high. Many of the coaches remarked on how the base level of the players was higher this year than last. This led to a really competitive day where coaches and players alike continuously pushed each other.

The day was organised around different drills in the morning followed by game scrimmages in the afternoon. In these players took the lead in creating their own playbooks with coaches there to help rather than lead.

It was extremely positive to see how women from all over the country were able to come together at short notice and perform as a unit with such effectiveness.

The ability to read what was going on and adapt their play accordingly was extremely evident and made for tough decisions at the end!”

We hope to see the continuing development of the women’s games, and eventually to see more and more Valkyries’ take on the standard as GB players!

A big well done to all of the other successful players on the roster! We can’t wait to see how the year unfolds for you all. To see comments from the Head coach of the GB Lions, Andrew Gambrill, and the full list of the roster here>>



Flag Football

Valkyries attend BAFA Flag Development Session

As you may know a few of the Valkyries attended BAFA’s Flag Football Development Day! Head Coach Simon (and also an offensive GB Flag coach, who was running the day) had this to say about the event:

“The development day was a new format, where we sought to challenge participants mentally about the game rather than focussing on fundamentals. Through this we focussed on two main areas. First, the question of why? Why do we do the formations we do? Why do we run the concepts we do? Second, we then looked at what information we could gain from the opposition. What ‘tells’ can they give us through their alignment or body language? Then what we can do with that information to make our play more effective.” Read more “Valkyries attend BAFA Flag Development Session”

Flag Football

Summer Series 2017 – Round 3 MVPs

What an amazing tournament it’s been! We came 5th place in Summer Series out of 9 teams and had a smashing time every round. Here are the MVPs for the final round…

Facing a talented defense in both games and with constant blitzing, the pressure of being QB is always going to be high. Nevertheless, QB Kira Walker leading the offense proved to be a never ending pit of effort and determination. As always Center Mandy performed with snazzy snaps and excellent hands (perhaps more impressive, Mandy came all the way to play one game before leaving to catch a plane straight after…to start her journey to climb Machu Picchu!! Best of luck to you Mandy). We saw the return of the always-positive Beetle (Beth Kenure) to some fantastic catches, as well as the skilled hands of Ruth Lewis and rookie Abby Bevan who were so very close to touchdowns. However, one person in particular really stepped up the mark – Offensive MVP HollyAnne. You would never have thought that Holly was taking up her first game at Center: precision snapping, fantastic hands, finding space for easy yard gains and a touchdown!! These are all indications of a very seasoned player on offense and the fact that this is her first game on O makes this all the more impressive.

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Flag Football

Summer Series 2017 – Round 2

Well Saturday was another glorious summer day for some flag football!

The first game of the day was against the Purple Princesses. Some very fast blitzes faced our offense, continually putting pressure on QB Kira. However, Kira’s calm head and canon skills got the ball to some great positions. The offense as well had the ability to find space, having easy yardage from Centres Mandy and Vi on several occasions. Ruth, Lois and Emma were able to catch an drive some fantastic catches down the field, and two touchdowns scored by Ruth and a touchdown by Centre Vi (her first touchdown!). As for the defense they stayed strong against some fast runs and some tricksy plays, and kept going for those pesky flags! The end result we won 19-14. A great start to the day, we were thoroughly looking forward to the next.

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Flag Football

Summer Series 2017 – Round 1

Saturday, 3rd June, saw the Valkyries travel to Northampton to participate in the flag football event, the Summer Series. Kindly organised by the Northants Titans. The day saw many teams come together to play for the title of Summer Series champions. It was perfect weather – sunny and glorious – and we couldn’t wait to start the day. With at least half the Valkyries having their first flag game experience the nerves were rising, but once we got going we REALLY got going!

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Flag Football

Valkyrie earns Silver Lions call up

Recently we posted about how our very own Emma Underwood had made the provisional GB Women’s Flag Football squad, as they looked to prepare for their European Championship Campaign.

Her selection to the squad meant travelling to Northampton on the 29th April to take part in the GB camp that would ultimately decide the final 12 women strong squad. While this meant that Emma was not able to attend our taster day, it did mean that she was able to compete alongside, and against, the very best that this country has to offer, as well as learn from some of the country’s top flag coaches.

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Flag Football

Flag Taster Day & #weareGB – 2017

Last Saturday saw a very busy day for the Valkyries, which meant a lot of different things for a lot of different people. For everyone there was probably some nerves and excitement. For the women attending the flag taster day event, there was the matter of having a go at a new sport and meeting a large group of loud Valkyries (anyone who plays us will know of our volume levels!). For the existing Valkyries, it was wondering who would turn up, would they enjoy it and would they come back? We have yet to see for that final point, but what was clear was that everyone did indeed enjoy themselves and had a good laugh.

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