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BAFA Sapphire Series On reflection

A year in the life of a rookie

You’re probably all aware from our recent post that this team has achieved a lot this year, and we look forward to doing many more things too! Of course, the team wouldn’t be the team without the players. Each rookie day that passes and each player who returns, it’s a great feeling. Here is another player, another Valkyrie, and we know for sure it’s going to be something special for them. One year on from our first ever taster day in January 2017, the rookies are no longer rookies – they are the vets now instilling and helping others in the team. Here are what some of those who joined us last year have to say about their experiences this year; how it changed them, how it gave them something different….

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On reflection

2017: A Year of Many Firsts

As we step into the New Year it’s time to stop and reflect on the amazing 2017 the Cardiff Valkyries had.

Many are aware that the Cardiff Valkyries have worked really hard as a team to build what we have. We started off with flag football in 2016 with the aim of tackle football in mind, and so perhaps the most significant achievement of the year was participating in our first ever tackle tournament, Sapphire Series 2017! It was the first ever experience of a real tackle football game that the team had faced, with most of the players never even participating in the flag football season, going head first into a world of new terminologies, routes and plays. With the help of our friends at the South Wales Warriors we trained for Sapphire Series in a relatively short period of time, but went and gave it all we had. Read more “2017: A Year of Many Firsts”

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