Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can get involved?

Any woman, 18 years old or above is welcome to come along and join us. No matter your background or experience, you are free to come by and give it a go.

Do you have to watch American Football or have experience if you want to join?

Not at all! No knowledge of the game is necessary to join and play with us and we welcome all skill types and experience.

How do I join?

Just send us a message and we can go from there! If you can’t drive to the locations yourself, we can try to arrange a lift for you.

Do you just do tackle football?

Nope! We play tackle football and flag football at alternating periods of the year!

Do I need to buy my own kit?

The team will provide any kit (helmet, pads, leg sets) but encourage players to eventually buy their own after their first year to allow greater access to kit for new members of the team. You must bring your own gum-shield and relevant footwear (shoes suitable for 3G surface)

What does it cost to join?

The following information is correct as of time of production. Please note that some items are directed by the league and out of the immediate control of the club. While all attempt has been made to ensure accuracy, changes may occur, which will be communicated as soon as possible.

American Football, unfortunately, is not a cheap sport to play and involved mandatory safety equipment as well as league registration fees. The following outlines the anticipated financial commitment to a player. It is to be noted, that wherever possible, the club will look to try to absorb as much of the costs to players as it can.

Club fees

The club looks to take two types of fee:

  • Annual membership fee: £50 – Due September each year
  • Monthly training fee: £10 

The money collected via both membership fees is placed back into the club and is used to purchase items such game jerseys and equipment.

The initial £50 up front in September allows the club to create a reserve to allow it to purchase any required kit prior to the start of the season, while the monthly £10 membership monies provide an ongoing cash flow to allow us to respond to any issues which may arise

League registration/tournament fees

Each tournament carries an individual registration fee. Each player pays this fee by registering through the BAFA Azolve portal. This fee covers a player for all rounds of the tournament. Currently these are:

  • Opal: TBC
  • Sapphire: £30

Sapphire is more expensive as there is additional medical cover required for the rounds. It it also noted that all money from player registrations goes into a central league fund that assists with hosting tournaments and ensures that all players are insured. It is not operated as a profit making exercise, but rather all money is put back into the game from this central pot.