Summer Series 2017 – Round 1

Summer Series 2017 – Round 1

Saturday, 3rd June, saw the Valkyries travel to Northampton to participate in the flag football event, the Summer Series. Kindly organised by the Northants Titans. The day saw many teams come together to play for the title of Summer Series champions. It was perfect weather – sunny and glorious – and we couldn’t wait to start the day. With at least half the Valkyries having their first flag game experience the nerves were rising, but once we got going we REALLY got going!

Our first game was against the hosts, and one of the leading teams in the league, the Northants Titans! You can probably guess that this was an anxious start, given that our last play against them at Opal saw a massive win for the Titans. Though the Titans won again, finishing the game with 27-0, looking at the points only really doesn’t give justice to the game itself. Both our offense and defense didn’t make it an easy win. Defense were holding strong made their run game extremely difficult, stopping the run game and patting down many balls with the interfering arms of Kira and Emma. Though of course, the amazing canon arm of Jade managed to get the scores into the end-zone. However we didn’t let this loss affect our attitude. Knowing full well how we have progressed against the Titans since last year, we knew in a way that this is still a win for us. We went into our second games still with high hopes.

Our second game saw the Valkyries play against Staffordshire Surge. It was certainly a tough (and close) win! With some very talented runners and interesting offensive strategies (as well as their defensive coverage) there were certainly some difficult plays. However, the end result saw the Valkyries win 24-20. In another great defensive demonstration by the Valkyries many flags were pulled, blitzes made and pressure ongoing, along with Sheryl and Emily making their first interceptions – both close to our own endzone. Numerous interceptions and pat-downs were once again made by Kira and Emma. Really a great performance all-round and best of luck to Surge over the next few weeks!

And lastly our game against Iceni Spears! Iceni’s offense put a lot of pressure on the defense and certainly put us through our paces. However it wasn’t enough to get through another stand-out performance. Kira ‘the interferer’ caused havoc and kept up the trouble making from the first two games with several interceptions as well as Emma, and the powerful blitzes of Zoe caused a lot of pressure in the backfield. Rookie Abby scored her first touchdown, with more made by Ruth and Emma throughout the game. Both our own and Iceni’s improvements since our last flag tournaments were visible, even having mention from those at Summer Series HQ: “Special mention to Cardiff and Iceni, keep doing what you are doing…. it’s working ”.

Special mention goes to so many members of the team! Excellent hands by centers Vi and Mandy who – with their quick reflexes and hands enabled us to gain easy yardage. Defensively too, Sheryl, Emily and Holly played with keen eye for the flags and maintained excellent coverage. Overall an excellent day of flag and it’s great to play our old friends against. It’s always fun to play and learn from the talent out there in the flag community, and with three rounds left to go it’s going to be interesting to see how the scores develop! Everyone really did an amazing job. WELL DONE!

Now onto next Saturday, and onto round 2!

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