Summer Series 2017 – Round 2

Summer Series 2017 – Round 2

Well Saturday was another glorious summer day for some flag football!

The first game of the day was against the Purple Princesses. Some very fast blitzes faced our offense, continually putting pressure on QB Kira. However, Kira’s calm head and canon skills got the ball to some great positions. The offense as well had the ability to find space, having easy yardage from Centres Mandy and Vi on several occasions. Ruth, Lois and Emma were able to catch an drive some fantastic catches down the field, and two touchdowns scored by Ruth and a touchdown by Centre Vi (her first touchdown!). As for the defense they stayed strong against some fast runs and some tricksy plays, and kept going for those pesky flags! The end result we won 19-14. A great start to the day, we were thoroughly looking forward to the next.

Our second game was against Nottingham University and was a very close game indeed! The offense did a lovely job as usual, gaining yards and continuing to get the ball out under pressure. Our hearts were definitely racing however, as we seemed to play copycat with Nottingham. We score a touchdown, they score a touchdown, we score again, they score again. The pressure was clear for both teams. Valkyries’ offense continued to pressure their defense, managing to gain yardage thanks to the quick hands of centers Vi and Mandy once more, as well as the canon throws caught by receivers Ruth, Emma and Lois. On defense, their strong hold denied Nottingham many yards with flags pulled here, there, and everywhere. Surprise blitzes through all the games kept the players on their toes, and we also saw rookie Donna play for the first time and proved to be a destructive flag-pulling machine. A fantastic effort, the defense kept up the hard work denying Nottingham their two extra points in the endzone with patdowns. With the two touchdowns by Ruth and extra points scored by Lois and Emma, this led the Cardiff Valkyries to our second win of the day with 14-12.

Straight after Nottingham we faced the Teeside Steelers. Knowing some of these ladies from Sapphire we knew to expect some true grit and they didn’t disappoint, putting pressure on both sides of the ball. Our offense were able to gain yards and scored a touchdown via the great hands of Emma, but were also able to devise a new scheme after reading one of the defense’s plays. This in-game progression enabled Lois to score the second touchdown. Defensively it was another great display, and it was in particular this game that they were clearly developing as a whole unit and understanding how to read the game. Patdowns by corners Emily, Lois and Emma throughout, and we also saw a great interception by Elleanor at Free Safety. There were visible improvements throughout the day (and the series) in rookies and vets alike with great communications on some last minute calls, with Sheryl at Strong Safety and Holly and Donna interchanging at Mike. However, with some great interceptions by their defense and some fantastic throws this game saw Teeside take the win with 13-43.

Though on paper this is not a score we would ideally want, there is so much more we took away from this game and the day in general. What is important for us (as in any game) is to never stop trying, never stop supporting each other, and never stop having fun. There is always something to learn out of each game, and it is through learning we develop and continue to improve!

Thank you for some great games and best of luck for the other games! One round left…what will happen we wonder?

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