Summer Series 2017 – Round 3 MVPs

Summer Series 2017 – Round 3 MVPs

What an amazing tournament it’s been! We came 5th place in Summer Series out of 9 teams and had a smashing time every round. Here are the MVPs for the final round…

Facing a talented defense in both games and with constant blitzing, the pressure of being QB is always going to be high. Nevertheless, QB Kira Walker leading the offense proved to be a never ending pit of effort and determination. As always Center Mandy performed with snazzy snaps and excellent hands (perhaps more impressive, Mandy came all the way to play one game before leaving to catch a plane straight after…to start her journey to climb Machu Picchu!! Best of luck to you Mandy). We saw the return of the always-positive Beetle (Beth Kenure) to some fantastic catches, as well as the skilled hands of Ruth Lewis and rookie Abby Bevan who were so very close to touchdowns. However, one person in particular really stepped up the mark – Offensive MVP HollyAnne. You would never have thought that Holly was taking up her first game at Center: precision snapping, fantastic hands, finding space for easy yard gains and a touchdown!! These are all indications of a very seasoned player on offense and the fact that this is her first game on O makes this all the more impressive.

The whole of the defense had a fantastic performance with all players pulling more flags and covering the field with precision, also running the clock down for both QB’s holding time on more than a few occasions. Sheryl Dame and HollyAnne Dame performed heart racing blitzes and put plenty of pressure on the QB, forcing them to make decisions under pressure leading both Coventry and Warwick to miss catches. Zoe John as well as being an equal force at the blitzing, got an interception. Corners Emily Roberts and Emma Underwood held their own once again in another grand performance at a difficult position, proving to be a menace with speed across the field to try and help make the tackles. Elleanor O’Connell at free safety read the game exceptionally well, coming down the field with precision to pull many flags with heart and speed. However, our decision for Defensive MVP goes to rookie Donna Dawson. Fantastic speed and a natural eye while blitzing, Donna not only successfully tackled the QB but was able to pull many flags – giving the offense an extremely difficult time to gain more than a few yards each time.

For this round everyone put in so much effort and heart, but one person in particular had a grand influence on the game and the confidence of players – Lois McConville, our Overall MVP. Not only proving to be a pain for the oppositions’ defense scoring a touchdown and always finding space to make easy 10 yard gains on most drives (and having hands that just wouldn’t quit!!), but she also led as a prime example of being a team leader on the side-line. Reading the opposition and reporting back, advising rookies on improvements and aims of the plays, and supporting both captains Kira and Zoe while they were on the field, the day would certainly be different if Lois wasn’t there. The day would have been completely different without her.

A big well done to everybody. We missed those of you who couldn’t make it but we all know over time of Summer Series we have all improved in skill and theory. Special mention (obvs) to Simon Browning and Kate Johnston – a massive thank you for helping us to get better. We really missed you when you weren’t there. We look up to you so much and we realise just how much of a family we are, and how significantly different it feels when you aren’t there. Looking forward to welcoming Robin Ford into the family as well as we go into the next series!

Time for a little break training wise but you will be hearing from us again throughout the Summer…Get ready for some tackle recruitment 😉 #RideOfTheValkyries


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