BAFA Sapphire Series 2017 – Round 3 MVPs

BAFA Sapphire Series

BAFA Sapphire Series 2017 – Round 3 MVPs

On Saturday 25th March, the Valkyries descended on Oxford for BAFA Sapphire Series 2017. Our coach
takes us through the MVPs for round 3.

BAFA Sapphire Series Round 3Defensive MVP

Round 3 saw a couple of tough games for the Valkyries’ defence. With two starters out and three rookies playing a new position it was always going to be difficult to stop two very strong running attacks.

Acting as cover behind the front 3, the corners had the difficult job of playing the pass first and then coming up in run support. Lois McConville played well, snuffing out multiple attacks from her left corner position as well as being on several pass defences.

However, her partner in crime on the opposite side, Elleanor O’Connell is continuing to display a high level of play and earns the Defensive MVP. With true instincts for the ball Elleanor shows no fear when going into the tackle and consistently makes sure the ball carrier goes down quickly, saving several potential touchdowns throughout the day.

Offensive MVP

As the day went on, the Offence started to click more and more. Vikki Matthews was unlucky not to have BAFA sapphire series round 3more scores at the tournament as she found space behind opposition defences, and showed her versatility by also stepping in at Running Back to cover for one drive. Vi Maggs starting her first ever games, also grew into the tournament finding her blocks and creating lanes for Beth “Beetle” Kenure to run through.

However, the Offensive MVP is one that is starting to cement a reputation for being a true deep threat. While catching several passes for big gains through the day, even when Ruth Lewis is not getting the ball teams are looking out for her which in turn opens up more lanes for the run game.

Overall MVP

BAFA Sapphire Series Round 3There are 13 seconds left in the game. On our own 5 yard line. Its third down. We are down by 3 scores. What happens?

Beth Kenure takes the hand off, breaks four tackles in an effort to make the half way and get a first down. This effort led us to be able to take a successful shot at the end zone as time expired.

This determination and effort, was not limited to this play though. Beetle displayed it throughout the day often making something out of nothing. Time and time again she showed great running to find the holes and keep the team moving forward.



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