Sapphire Series Round 2 – Coaches recap

Sapphire Series Round 2 – Coaches recap

As the dust settles from a busy weekend and we all finally thaw out, there are a few thoughts on the team’s performance from coach Browning and coaches Simon and Kate:

“First of all, MVPs. We had decided before the games started that irrespective of what happened we were not going to give MVPs for this round. That 6 of the team were just turning around and going the other way each time, playing in new positions without any fuss made them all MVPs in our eyes.

People underestimate how hard it is to do that. To be mentally focused in knowing what you are doing and changing your mind set from Drive to drive. They all did brilliantly.

Saying that though, congratulations to both Mandy and Elleanor who each made history by being the first to score in Wales and the first to score an offensive TD. Also to Kira for the throw to Elleanor that made it happen.

But our final point is the main one. It has been noted by other coaches remarking on the day, and that is the character of the club. We’ve said It before, and we’ll say it again. The attitude everyone has is amazing. The fact that no one gives up. They keep going and they get those rewards at the end of games. We’ve lost track of the number of games we have scored right at the end of. Alongside that, they play the game in the right way. We’re proud to be in the sideline with you all and even more proud when coaches come up at the end of games full of praise for what they are doing.

The path is there. If we keep putting in the work. If we keep this mentality, then the results will come”.


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