Sapphire Series 2018: Final Round recap and MVPs

Sapphire Series 2018: Final Round recap and MVPs

The season feels like it’s over far too soon! It’s been an amazing journey for the Cardiff Valkyries, and the final round of Sapphire certainly went out with a bang…


Cardiff Valkyries V Chester Romans

First game of the day was against Chester Romans. We knew it was going to be a give-all game. We showed out ability to potentially take the game, and we felt ready.

With some great long threat passes by Ruth ‘The Gazelle’ Lewis as well as Elleanor ‘The Fist’ O’connell we were able to move the ball yards from the end zone. Line-backer turned running back for the last two games, Zoe ‘Noo Noo’ John scored the first touchdown of the game. Receiving the snap and with the train of offensive lineman, Zoe was able to rush into the end zone, and repeated again for the extra point. This was no easy fight however, pushing through the Roman’s defense who proving to be a chaotic force throughout the game.

We were on a high, and the game continued as our last meeting with Chester with their offense scoring soon after.  But with the energy going from the first touch down the offense maintained the positive ‘force’ with Kira ‘QB1 Kenobi’ Walker, who scored another touchdown with 20/30 yard run into the end zone. More long throws and catches from receivers Ruth and Elleanor gave chance to score again. However, with an unfortunate fumble a yard away from the end zone we turned over the board.

The Valkyries’ defense put out some hard hits for Chester, with some great all-out efforts a well in both games from O-line turned D-line players, with Sarah Griffiths at nose tackle and Mandy as defensive end.  However Chester’s strong run game and talents proved to find the spaces on the field, scoring up the points.

Cardiff Valkyries 13 – Chester Romans 32

Cardiff Valkyries V Teeside Steelers

Our first time playing Teeside Steelers this season we weren’t sure what to expect. From 5 aside we remember a tough team who were threatening on both sides of the ball. But we were excited, and with the snow calming down we were looking forward to a bit of a warmer game!

On the offense, center Maria May continued some great snaps under pressure and in appalling conditions, and with the run we were able to move the ball more than the last game with some hard hitting yards by Zoe, but not enough to get through first down. Teeside’s defense certainly proved to be on point, and Ruth being Sapphire nominated MVP she was well covered. Teeside’s defense also patted down some potentially long haul throws, and despite some brilliant catches by both Elleanor and Ruth, and runs by Kira, we just couldn’t reach the yards needed to score. A confusion over a legitimate fumble led to Teeside’s first score while on defense, and an interception made my Teeside rooked up for another touchdown.

The Valkyries defense did well to stop out some touchdowns for Teeside, also introducing a 5 line defense from line-backers Holly Dame and Ceri Yeoman who stepped up to the task. A pat down from Ruth saved another potential touchdown for Teeside, and sending pressure onto their line reduce some potentially dangerous runs.

Cardiff Valkyries 0 – Teeside Steelers 24


Final Round MVPs

There is no doubt that each and every Valkyrie put in a hard effort in this final round. With most playing both sides of the ball, and weather conditions seemingly similar to an episode of Game of Thrones at The Wall, it was a very long day! However, there are two stand-out performances given these conditions…

Offensive MVP = Maria May
It was a horrible day to play centre. Wind and snow made things extremely difficult but every snap was on the money allowing the rest of the offence to function. Also had a solid day blocking




Defensive = Ruth Lewis
Both Chester and Teesside had known strike threats at WR but Ruth shut them both down through the games making them a non-factor. Ruth also had a couple of covering tackles and strong hustle.


Well done MVPs! 👏


For now…

As a team we have everything to be proud of. When you have comments made by other teams about their enjoyment of our progress, our passion, and developing skills, you can’t really ask for more. We have shown through the course of this year’s Sapphire Series that we have the potential to cause trouble. Only our second year in existence we are growing, and through the course of this year there is going to be so much more to learn and give.

Thank you all to the teams we have played against for some really smashing games! Bring on Sapphire 2019!

We hope to have Valkyries represent at the GB flag trials as well as Diamond series, so our football adventures are still certianly ongoing! Watch this space!



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