Valkyries are recruiting! Rookie day information…

Valkyries are recruiting! Rookie day information…

The time is nearly upon us where the Valkyries welcome some new rookies to join the team and try out the awesome spectacle that is contact football on both the 3rd and 17th September. Our taster days are an incredibly exciting day for the team, hoping to expand and hoping to introduce a fun new sport to the women who attend. Now understandably, not a lot of people know anything about American Football. Even more understandably, some of you might be nervous!

We know exactly how it feels to have a go at a completely new sport, so we thought we would take this opportunity to write a blog about our feelings in the past, present, and future of the team, and also go through the idea of American football in general. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know the rules, routes, or even have an idea of American Football. Just turn up and have a go!

The rookie days will start at 10:30 at Llandaff North RFC on September 3rd and 17th.

I haven’t watched it before, and don’t know any of the positions or rules.


Well let’s get a definition out there: American football is a contact sport in which the offense tries to run or pass the ball up the field to score a touchdown. The defense (as you can imagine) tries to stop the offenses’ progression by tackling the player with the ball. Because of the nature of the sport, there are LOTS of different body sizes and shapes required for any team. Some people prefer to catch, some people to smashy smash, so taster days such as this really are exciting ways to figure out what you like as you have a go at each position!

Our official tournament is from February to April, but we have a few friendly scrimmages lined up towards the end of the year as well. As we have always said you do not need to know any rules or positions, or even know American Football in general! The best way to learn is by doing it, and hopefully if you stick with the team this will surely develop and grow week by week. The whole team will support you, and there is no such thing as a stupid question!

I’m feeling nervous

Try not to worry about it too much! We have all been there at one point, and we want to emphasise that this day (and to be honest, even our games) are all about fun. All of the Valkyries are at different stages in their own development, so they are also taking the journey with you! Any current member of the Valkyries will be wearing a Valkyrie jersey or vest. If you have any issues on the day, or just feel a bit anxious and want some encouragement, feel free to ask any of the team for any help.

I can’t make it on the day. Does this mean I can’t join the Valkyries or try again another time?

If you can’t make it to the taster day you are ALWAYS welcome to come along to a training session. We are also having another taster day on September 17th as well! But we welcome new members throughout the entire year, and you are more than welcome to just come alone for a taster at one of our usual training sessions and see if you think it’s for you.

What do I need?

As we are having the taster day on grass, if you have studded shoes that would be ideal. If not just bring along some trainers and wear clothes suitable for running about in, and plenty of water. Please also have handy a telephone number of an emergency contact that we can write down. Nothing will be done on the day that is likely to result in injury or harm, but just in case!

I’m excited!

GOOD. There are lots of things to look forward to, and even our own Valkyries have some thoughts about their own development;

Holly: I’m so excited for tackle again because while flag is fun contact is my first love. Honestly during this break I’ve missed our little family so much because that’s what the Valkyries is to me: a family. And I’m super excited to welcome new women to the wonderful sport and to our team. Not to mention I’m so excited to hit things again. As a defensive player there are few things more satisfying than stopping the opposing team’s advance. And maybe if I’m lucky this time around I’ll intercept!

Lois: I’m looking forward to getting back in the game and having regular get together with my friends

Vi: I am really looking forward to seeing some new faces at the rookie day! To be able to share my own journey with new players and see them develop over time will be awesome! As for the tackle season, well! I am SO excited to get back on the field with new skills and more confidence gained from our first ever tackle experience earlier this year, and then the flag football tournament a few weeks ago. This sport has brought so much to me and my life. More than I ever thought it would! It has helped me to feel a part of something again. It has inspired me to get active and motivated to get out there and achieve things that sometimes don’t seem possible. On top of it all, I have met some very inspiring people and I have made some amazing friends! We are a family and being a part of the Valkyries has been an epic journey so far!

Sheryl: This will be my first proper season with the Cardiff Valkyries. Whilst I was part of the last Sapphire Series, it was only a taste of what to come, with only a few hours training before our first game, it was very much being thrown in the deep end! With Sapphire and with the flag season that we have had since, I have learned more and more and I’m excited to use my experiences and new found knowledge in what’s to come. Some of us recently took part in a coaching day and I’m hoping we can use that to help and welcome some of the newbies to the team!

Mandy: I’m looking forward to seeing how we’ve progressed since the last tackle season and to see how we perform against teams we’ve previously played

Zoe: Last year we progressed so much in such a short amount of time. You could see how we were becoming a tougher team for people to play against, and with more sessions under our belt it would be fantastic to see just how much rookies and vets change again in the upcoming months. I’m also just really looking forward to welcoming more women into our football family and watching other people find their own place and journey in the team

Beth: I’m really looking forward to getting back in the kit. As a relatively small player, I always feel so invincible with my pads and lid on! I’m looking forward to the feeling you get when the opposition underestimates you for whatever reason and you end up smashing it! Most of all I’m looking forward to getting back together with my amazing teammates, whose energy and positivity make playing football an experience and a half!

We really look forward to seeing you soon and as always send any thoughts or questions our way on any of our social media pages!

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Twitter: @cardiffvalkyrie

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